You can save on shipping charges and pickup your Rook Armory, LLC order at our warehouse. Simply select “local pickup” at checkout to have your order held at our warehouse.
You may bypass the online store to take advantage of the special pricing noted below by either e-mailing ( or calling (330-538-7088) and leave a message with the required order details.

Required Order Details:
YOUR NAME (must match your driver’s license)
AMMO TYPE (selected from list below only)
AMMO QUANTITY DESIRED (single or multiples of unit amounts listed below only)
CALL BACK NUMBER or E-MAIL ADDRESS (if you cannot be reached and your voicemail does not function or is full, you will NOT get a second call back and your order may not be prepped for pickup)

Once your order is ready you will get either a call back or an e-mailed reply stating when your order can be picked up.  Please do not show up before you have received confirmation that your order is ready for pickup.  If you miss your pickup window time you will have to contact us again to schedule another time.
*You must bring a valid driver’s license for local pickup and payment if you have not already paid through our website ahead of time.

Our warehouse is located at:
12200 Commissioner Drive
North Jackson, Ohio 44451

Available products and in person sale pricing:

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